Using Glow Effectively

Be Active Be Safe and Glow! 

Horse and Hound Glow has been serving customers two years and going strong. Our products are to help keep you and your family safe and visible. Our products are a combination of reflective, battery-powered & solar-powered.

There are products for you & your family, for your dog and your horse.

Application of our products are ….

Dog collar reflective solar-powered tshirt reflective
Glow Dog Collar – reflective & solar-powered. T-Shirt is reflective
Horse Breastcollar solar-powered reflective
Horse Breastcollar – Western & English. Ready to velcro to your current tack or made to order.

…. but not limited to – walking, jogging, hiking, camping, doggie activities, riding to and from the arena, endurance rides, moonlight activities,  parades, parties ect.

Some products are ready to use and some are made to order.

Please visit our Web page Horseandhoundglow.Com 

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